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I work on the details, so you can focus on the big picture.

Hi, I’m Danielle & I sweat the small stuff so you can get on with planning your big day .

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I’m a Canadian born Australian living in The Netherlands (untangle that one!) who is obsessed with paper, ink and the wee tiny details that make a wedding go from “How lovely!” to “Holy dooley… that’s incredible!”

To me, there is no moment more perfect than that frisson of excitement that your guest feels — you know the feels: butterflies start their little wings to beating inside your stomach — when they pick up that glorious, hand addressed envelope from the postbox, knowing that what is inside is EVEN BETTER than what they imagined.

Anticipation of pleasure is a pleasure in itself.

Syliva Townsend Warner

With over fifteen years experience as a fine jeweller, and ten years plus as a calligrapher, I’ve worked with the world’s most luxurious brands to make their events come to life. By focusing on the tiny details, I can make that luxury yours.

I’m the gal who makes you come to life on paper.

Do you have lists for your lists?

Let me play Miss manners.

From that first save the date to the final thank you, I’ve got you covered. How to address your envelopes? Who to include and how to include them? I’ve got you covered.

I’ll give you the tools to keep your invite list ship shape, with all of those nit picky details super organised so you never have to search for Great Aunt Irma’s address again.

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