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Starting with amazing wedding stationery.

First impressions matter.


Picture it: You head to you mailbox to collect the usual ho-hum stack of bills and junk, when you feel something... luxurious to the touch. Something special.

You glance at the elegant script on the front thinking there has been some mistake. What. it’s for you?!

You dash inside, and carefully… oh, so carefully… slip open the matching wax seal to reveal the most splendid wedding invitation you’ve ever seen.

Design in Words is here to help you give all of your guests that OMG, It’s for me!! moment a reality.


white glove service

Let me sweat the small stuff.

Introducing the first, all-in-one custom stationery solution that does it all for you, crossing every t and dotting every i, from your very first Save the Date to your final Thank You card.

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I’ve got you covered.

Browse our semi-custom wedding suites, as well as everything else your little paper loving heart desires. Your invitations & paper goods should be perfect for you, whatever your budget .

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